Coingecko Listed

Coingecko Listed HIRAM now listed on @coingecko #Crypto #Freemasonry 🔹CoingeckoId : 🔹Current Price : $0.01979964 up 0.6% 🔹Website: 🔹Facebook: 🔹Twitter: 🔹Telegram:

More that 100 accounts

More Than 100 accounts 📌 Now number of accounts containing HIRAM passed 100 📌 Freemasons are generally very discreet. They will never reveal their affiliation. 📌 One off the reason not to show up on social media. 📌 A reason also for non-initiates to participate in the development of this project

Hiram Coin is alive

Hiram Coin is alive 📌Since last week, Hiram Coin is listed on P2PB2B Platform 📌2 pairs available for trading : HIRAM/USDT and  HIRAM/SOL 📌Initial price was 0.01 USDT per HIRAM 📌HIRAM is the solution; it will be possible to access this crypto from the local currency, via mobile-money or simply exchanges. A user will be […]

HIRAM Listing on P2PB2B

Hiram, listing on P2PB2B Begining Jan 2022, Hiram Coin will be open for trading on P2PB2B platform. Hiram is created for Freemason usage (transferts funds and paying dues°. But as it’s 100% confidential & safe, this financial network is open to everyone. If any question, ask us in one our social networks.

Swap pool liquidity

Pool Liquidity – SWAP $HIRAM early pre sale will end Dec 19th. #crypto Pool liquidity will be remove as we enter in listing process with major DEX. Last chance to get your token Hiram Coin Here

$HIRAM Available Now

$HIRAM Available NOW Accès from Get it Now Botton (Homepage) or Swap (Menu) select Hiram vs USDC or USDT Then amount input Adjust Slippage properties Enjoy being one of the 1st owner of $HIRAM

Ready to count down

Ready for the countdown Check list done weather clear  ready to mint countdown now 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, lift-off